“I decided to give Jilly’s Fat Freeze a try as I was unhappy with the fat on my lower back & stomach since having 3 children I was seriously thinking of liposuction but was concerned about the procedure & the price. I didn’t find the fat freeze at all painful.

I was expecting it to be a lot worse. Just a slightly strange feeling for a couple of minutes at the beginning but Jilly was great and explained everything that was happening. It’s now been 6 weeks and I can really see a difference. I’m shrinking and still have 6 more weeks before the full results. I have booked to have my inner thighs done. I would highly recommend Fat Freeze with Jilly.”

Carol ScottLewes

“I have been having colonic hydrotherapy treatment with Jilly for four years now (since I moved into the area). I had had this treatment before so knew what was involved.

However, I can honestly say Jilly’s way of treating is the best and I would be hard pushed to consult another therapist now.

From the first consultation, I found Jilly to be very empathetic with my needs. She advised the right number of treatments, and the benefit was immediate. She was informative and gentle throughout the treatment and I felt no embarrassment or concern. By the end of the course of three I felt better than I had for a long while. I was energised, slimmer, all bloating and puffiness was gone, and my skin looked better.

She gave me nutritional guidance and offered advice on lifestyle changes.

I have treatments with Jilly regularly and I see them as essential to my wellbeing.

I would heartily recommend her, particularly if this is your first introduction to colonic hydrotherapy, you couldn’t be in safer hands.”

April RevellPeacehaven

“I read about colonics many years ago but my resistance to it was so great that it is only recently that I have been adventurous enough to try it. I am very glad that I managed to overcome my prejudice and fear and come and have a go.

I found Jilly instantly put me at my ease and made the whole experience a deeply healing and supported one. I am a reflexologist myself and have worked for many years in self-development and emotional health. I have found colonics to be a way I can work on some very deep rooted barriers that I have held in my body nearly all my life.

For me I felt the first treatment quite strongly and it took me a few days to feel fully well again. I see this as a reflection of the need for clearing in my body and emotions and with a little rest and care I soon felt renewed with clearer energy. Now the treatments give me the clear feeling much more quickly and in terms of physical health improvement I have noticed that I have lost inches round my stomach and my hair (which was quite dry) is much shinier and richer in colour. I have also noticed that my face is not puffy anymore and I look quite a lot younger.

My energy is generally very good and I have stamina. I did not come to Jilly with any serious health problems or low energy and yet I do feel great benefits in the clarity and peace of my thoughts and in increased energy. I like looking younger and feeling lighter and slimmer. I have not changed my diet but I do drink a lot more water and I must be eating less although I can’t notice the difference.

I feel very thankful that I found Jilly and her colonic treatment – I am sure that it is her sensitive and warm approach, as well as her enthusiasm that has helped me release stuck energy on such a deep level. I am continuing treatment and believe that I my health and vitality are being supported and increased by doing so.”

Elspeth Furini

“Traditional remedies had done nothing for my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), so initially I was both sceptical and apprehensive. Wrong on both counts! Jilly welcomed me to her scrupulously clean and sterile but comfortable consulting room and provided me with a full explanation of what to expect during and after the treatment.

The initial session was slightly traumatic, as she had warned me might be the case, but after a couple of days I was feeling right as rain. After three treatments I feel lighter, healthier and happier. Thoroughly recommended.

If I had to stress just one point, it would be the need to persevere even if the initial treatment doesn’t do all that you hoped. The real, long-term benefits kick in later and are well worth waiting for.”

John T

“I went to see Jilly because I was suffering from long term constipation, back ache and sluggishness. After my first treatment my back pain disappeared and I felt lighter and energised. Since then I have had further treatment and have followed Jilly’s simple diet and lifestyle tips.

I have found that my mood is elevated, I am sleeping better and I have lost an inch from my waist! I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone looking for a natural, drug free way to manage their health and wellbeing.”


“I have always been interested in alternative therapies including colonic hydrotherapy, but could never have imagined myself having one. For many years I have felt bloated, lethargic and generally unwell although I knew that I was not ill. I would get up tired in the morning and all I could think about was how I would have the energy to get through the day.

A friend told me about Jilly and although I liked the idea of a colonic it still took me almost a year to actually pluck up the courage to phone her. I eventually did because I realised that I was not going to feel better unless I did something about it. I was very nervous and shy, but Jilly made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Almost immediately I felt better and now the highlight of my month is seeing Jilly! I feel fit and for the first time in many years I actually have energy. I am still amazed that I have got over my nerves and shyness and actually enjoy it!”

PamelaEast Sussex