Do you have stubborn areas

of fat that diet alone can’t shift ?

Cryolipolsis is an amazing procedure that selectively freezes fat cells, killing them, without harming any of the surrounding tissues!

FatFreeze helps eliminate those stubborn areas of fat that diet and excercise alone can’t shift.  FatFreeze can eliminate 25-40% of the fat layer in an area in a single treatment. Multiple treatments on one area may be required for larger patients.


“I decided to give Jilly’s Fat Freeze a try as I was unhappy with the fat on my lower back & stomach since having 3 children I was seriously thinking of liposuction but was concerned about the procedure & the price. I didn’t find the fat freeze at all painful.

I was expecting it to be a lot worse. Just a slightly strange feeling for a couple of minutes at the beginning but Jilly was great and explained everything that was happening. It’s now been 6 weeks and I can really see a difference. I’m shrinking and still have 6 more weeks before the full results. I have booked to have my inner thighs done. I would highly recommend Fat Freeze with Jilly.”

Carol ScottLewes